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  1. ...laboratory) laboratory 名詞 :實驗室,研究室 breathe 動詞 :呼吸;呼氣;吸氣 absorb 動詞:吸收, 汲取,理解. 使全神貫注;吸引

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  2. [ti:桜ノ雨] [ar: absorb feat.初音ミク] [al:桜ノ雨] [by:茶] [00:00.00]桜ノ雨 [00:05.00]作詞&作曲:halyosy(森晴義) [00:10.00]編曲: absorb [00:15.00]歌: absorb feat.初音ミク [00:20.00] [00:28.74]それぞれの場所へ旅立...

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  3. moisture wicking 排汗 (moixture wicking 和 moisture management 兩者互通, 這是一種特殊的針織方式能使汗水快速的排出而不滯留在衣內.) odor- absorbing 吸除臭味/異味 antimicrobial 抗微生物 all-natural 全部是天然的 (沒有人工加添物) environmentally friendly 環保的

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  4. They had difficulty absorbing the extra costs of expanding their business overseas. 1. absorbing ...

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  5. ...have thought I study not , therefore hoped that oneself can absorb a knowledge again. " 希望這些對你有幫助˙ˇ˙ 2009-06-07 09...

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  6. I absorbed a lot of experience. 希望能幫到妳...............

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  7. Lately, motherhood has been so absorbed into every possible aesthetic. 近來,生兒育女才是美好的觀念已經深植人心。 aesthetic...

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  8. 浩克的瘋子父親應該是原漫畫中的 Absorbing Man,可以吸收並轉化成為或者利用接觸物的物質。浩克本身的...的,故事演變到與浩克對戰,最後戰敗。 Absorbing _Man

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  9. 吸收價差= absorb the difference of the price吸收, absorb

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  10. Per your request. Hot air for the solar chimney is produced by absorbing solar irradiance through a translucent collector.

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