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  1. ...laboratory) laboratory 名詞 :實驗室,研究室 breathe 動詞 :呼吸;呼氣;吸氣 absorb 動詞:吸收, 汲取,理解. 使全神貫注;吸引

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  2. moisture wicking 排汗 (moixture wicking 和 moisture management 兩者互通, 這是一種特殊的針織方式能使汗水快速的排出而不滯留在衣內.) odor- absorbing 吸除臭味/異味 antimicrobial 抗微生物 all-natural 全部是天然的 (沒有人工加添物) environmentally friendly 環保的

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  3. ...東西感到驚訝,當然只能用成被動 be amazed at absorb -> 使....全神貫注;吸引....(注意等),假如是人(主詞...您要表達的東西。 The old man was utterly absorbed . 若是沒有介係詞片語當補語的話,讀者不知道 the old...

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  4. ... or oils containing as the agent an organic ultraviolet radiation absorbing chemical compound. 這些調製品(preparations)是含有一種可以吸收紫外線...

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  5. “liquid absorbing ceramic coaster” 1. liquid (液狀物) 範疇比water廣 如果你...列入一串形容詞的最後,並且在名詞之前。 3. 所以 liquid absorbing 這個產品特質,就放在材質之前。 4. " absorbent "...

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  6. Absorb the fresh air of the morning, see the high mountain and the scenery in the distant place

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  7. Absorbing more fresh vitamin C in the fruitcan help the wound and can also desalinize the pigment to precipitate whilehealing with higher speed at dawn

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  8. 簡答: Absorbing the liquids.或整句回答:The buret is used for absorbing ...

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  9. ...費用會增加 M:No.It's not.You'll have to absorb the costs. 男生:不,你們必須負責那費用 2014-10-16 06:28:37 補充...

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  10. They had difficulty absorbing the extra costs of expanding their business overseas. 1. absorbing ...

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