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  1. use the future tense. ( NEXT)<------- 1. I will be absent from my next lesson. 2. I will be absent from my next ...

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  2. Suggest some revision for better poetry: Life changes all the time, Fate is not predicative, Love & hatred never ends, Mystery of Being.

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  3. absent 既考生係唔會同同科既考生拉curve架.... 所以~ absent 既考生係唔會益到人 都唔會拉高其他考生既grade!!

  4. Absent in the afternoon. Present in the morning. I/she/he was present in the morning but absent in the afternoon. They were present in the morning but absent in the afternoon.

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  5. How is she? Is she OK now? I suggest a letter to the class teacher as below for your reference. (Date) Mr./ Ms. XXX Class Teacher of (P.1A/ F.1A???) Dear (Sir...

  6. Dear XXX, I apologize for my daughter&#39;s absence in school yesterday because she was sick. I understand that she has a project due yesterday, I am sure that she will submit this to you when she resumes her schooling. A...

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  7. 唔會影響到,報考條件如下: 曾應考香港中學會考;或 年齡已足18歲;或 非修讀香港中學會考課程,但在考試前一年已修畢或正在修讀等同中五課程。 只要有錢比同埋符合以上其中一項條件就ok

  8. If "Is he absent " is being asked, answer Yes = Yes, he ...

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  9. 主要睇你 會考成績.... 其他較次要 但有一點要注意... 由到人地間學校開始至離開學校, 所有舉動和行為一定要檢點... 如果你有d 異舉動, 如對人不禮貌, 周維問其他人攞幾多分等, d學生 helper 會 mark 低d 記認, 到時 你入去 interview 就冇行ga la 我果陣做 helper 果陣, 真係遇上一個周維問人野ga 男...

  10. absent -minded, forgetful e.g. John has forgotten to do his homework again; he is always absent -minded/forgetful.

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