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  1. 回答: 重新恢復胚胎幹細胞因離子放射線照射後而喪失之G1期停頓狀況,並預防細胞凋亡。 參考網站: 英文

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  2. ...quot; 例1: "Lets thinking sensibly, John will not be absent (should be here) for his favorite lesson" 照道理說來,約翰應該不會在他...

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  3. ...頭蓋骨nerve=intact, MP=5/5, DTR= / ,根本正常感观系统, sign= absent 的Babinski的, bil

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  4. ...39;t share with you. I was all along in this world, when you were absent Hope you could feel the joy as I felt. At this moment...

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  5. ...潛水 3.Kevin must keep up his studies while he is absent from school, so that he can advance to the next grade. Kevin不在學校時必須...

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  6. ...假定"I suppose (認為) he ll be back soon.Suppose (假設) he s absent .  What would you do?

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  7. 10 percent . If the employee continues to be absent at the 15 percent rate, then vacation pay would be reduced...看到你的評價, UNIQUE 已經幫你把問題解決了, 而且他的 翻譯 也相當正確. 同時也為你高興....^_^

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  8. ... Harry looked at her, he lowered his hand absent -mindedly and touched the lightning scar on his forehead. ‘I know...

  9. 你的問題很好有挑戰性,希望能有很多人一起來玩. 三心二意: absent minded 心不再焉 人山人海: crowded with people 望穿秋水: ...

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  10. ...任何有權威的人,mice 是指任何的部屬。 (When the boss is absent , employees will usually do as they please.)(注意:cat 是用單數;mice...

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