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  1. ... Bradley made another estimate by observing stellar aberration , being the apparent displacement of stars due to the motion of the ...

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  2. ... far more important than the size. A good quality lens will reduce the optical aberration (chromatic or spherical), distortion (pin cushion/ barrel distortion...etc) and vignetting...

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  3. Please find attached a photo, because the relationship between the lights. Caused by chromatic aberration , and umbrellas the color is not accurate! Solid color very well. Please confirm receipt of the sample and then!

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  4. 以下網站參考一下: aberration /

  5. ...目鏡前之十字絲面上,通常採用複合透鏡,以消除球面像差(Spherical Aberration )與色像差(Chromatic Aberration ),使影像清晰。目鏡亦為...

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  6. ...天文台(美國芝加哥大學)的40英吋折射鏡為 此類之最大者。色相差(chromatic aberration )為折射式望遠鏡最難以克服的問題 。此外,磨製大口徑且高精度的鏡片不易...

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  7. inaccuracy 誤差 error; deviation; aberration ; inaccuracy

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  8. ... out to me. We would never be separated by simple aberration , -cause of regular collaborations. Yes, our times together...

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  9. ...color-shading defect an off-color defect; an off-shading defect a chromatic aberration defect 請配合您的產品選擇適當用字. 2012-10-26 14:02:48 補充: 不同批 一般...

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  10. ...這裏有互動的蓋玻片厚度調整示範﹕ aberrations /slipcorrection/index.html 如果你對顯微鏡操作原理有興趣,這個網站很有意思!

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