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  1. ...先寫<關係子句>如下: a little girl <關係子句>would feel. for example: a little girl who just moved to the new house would (feel). he who supports Trump is certainly welcome. 6. 但是因為關係子句實在太長了...

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  2. The pylon is a tall framework of steel bars used for supporting wires that carry electricity over land , but with minecraft underground as teaching material sample.

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  3. ... is a former British colony and a Commonwealth member. Like many .... Because the U.K. supports the U.S., South Africa naturally...

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  4. ...hamburger for lunch? (X) Didn't Lucas have a hamburger for lunch? (O) 3. 又一點: Ted ...做三份工作. Ted works 3 jobs to support his family. 泰德為了家而做三份工作.

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  5. ...e. you are the only who can answer the question) whether your computer can support more device. But in general, a hard drive is not a big issue for the power supply. 2. Both are...

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