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  1. dude/ pals /buddies 都是親密朋友間的稱呼....就像是 '麻吉' 一樣, 在國外, 女性也是可以這樣稱呼的 1. 女性也可以用 dude/ pals /buddy, 但是這是比較適合年輕人的, 大人的話就會直接稱呼名字 2. 一般向陌生人...

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  2. 網友是internet pal = cyber friend=internet friend "friend" is more formal. " pal " is more vernacular... you can try to learn few new vocablary a day...and you can take a note and keep practice...and u will be good one day...

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  3. ...product/product_search.jsp?vca001=0&vas001=NAME&KEYWORD=my+ pals +are+here&search.x=6&search.y=11 運費到臺灣相當貴, 0.5kg 要新币...

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  4. You can email me if you want :

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  5. hello my name is tim i live in ST.vincent it is a small island by cuba i can speak english well. i can teach in MSN MY E-MAIL in msn

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  6. Hello! 嗨! I caught sight of your notice, and thought that I could drop you a line?) 我看到了你的通告, 想說也許可以跟你留些話 My name is Eleonore, I am a 19 years old Swedish girl who is...

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  7. In review when you add your credit card it will automatically let you know if it is confirmed or unconfirmed. 為了檢視方便,當你增加信用卡資料後,系統將會自動通知該信用卡是否經過核可. PayPal uses an Automated Verification...

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  8. 跟有健談的人或熟的人都可說。如跟陌生人或不熟的人就不太恰當。

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  9. Penpal garden KEY PAL 網站 Linguistic Fun land Links to good pen pal pages

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  10. Penpal garden PAL 網站Linguistic Fun land Key...

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