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  1. She's a real class act . 此句中的 act 可以用action取代嗎? 不可以,因為意思完全不同...collocation) 的用法。 以下抄自牛津字典中的解說: (1) An " act " is usually followed by preposition "of" and...

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  2. ...代表一般人做的那件事) It is ridiculous to pardon a cockroach just to act like a benevolent person. 2. 這真的很荒謬,[他]為了假仁慈而不去殺一隻蟑螂...

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  3. 堵=梗 ?! You acted suspicious(=sus),strange behaviour character?!of a robot-dog.Robot...

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  4. Tom plays Superman. (OK) Tom acts Superman. (OK) 還有其他用法嗎? Tom performs Superman.

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  5. ... has issues, it will report to you so that you can act accordingly.

  6. Don't ask too much phrasal verb--in a small group of words that acts like a verb and  consists usually of a verb with an adverb and/or a preposition You won't learnt anything from them.

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  7. appear vi come into view, become visible; eg:-The advisable answer appeared on the Dodger's to Sike's.Dodger's answer appeared talking to Sikes. appear=seem; eg:-It would seem that Dodger's intention to Sikes...

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