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  1. 我還是個高一生 所以... 我是照我學到的跟你說 尾款 :The balance amount of ....(多少錢) 先付房錢:Can you pay for the room first? 希望以幫到你窩

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  2. ...will be deducted from the said credit. 這邊需要請你先支付$42.5作為 訂金 , 尾款 $595於出貨前付清即可。 To finalize the order, we will need a deposit payment of...

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  3. We wonder if you agree to settle your payment in the following ways: down payment 30% by T/T when placing the order balance by D/P Meanwhile, please let us have the name and address of your corresponding bank, so we...

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  4. ...4.訂購後 after ordering 5.付款條件 payment terms 6.訂購時先付 訂金 down payment when ordering 7.產品成型40%, 尾款 貨交時一次付清 products shape of 40%, receipt of balance due to deliever

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  5. ...第一次接單金額都不大, 所以還是用T/T比較方便. 英文 部分我會這樣說: Payment term: 50% deposit by T...the balance by cash due upon shipment. (翻譯: 訂單確認後先電匯 訂金 50%, 其餘 尾款 於出貨裝船時以現金付清)

  6. ...rsquo;t put it in the actual meaning. So please don’t jump the gun 訂金 30%---down payment 交機款 40%---??? 尾款 30%---balance payment I think the answer should be Equipment ...

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  7. 假設 總價1980 客人預付1000 Sir or Ma'am, Would you like to pay for the balance of nine hundred eighty dollars for the room? There's a balance of nine hundred eighty dollars, would you like to pay for it now? There's a balance of nine hundred eighty...

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  8. 給你簡潔一點的: 30% payment required for desposit, 70% on delivery. 出貨再付:70% on delivery.(但對方何時收到不知道阿!對賣方較有保障) 貨到收款:70% on COD.(收到再付款比較常見,對買方較有保障)

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  9. 1. Please sign the PI back if it is okay and please arrange 30% downpayment T/T within 7 days. 2. 70% balance payment(Full Payment NTD金額 ) T/T before shipment.

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  10. ...quot;驗過30後面的70才可出貨 可見發問者是買貨人如果要體貼一點 等人家收到 訂金 再出30也可以 但照你的說法 英文 應該是 Delivery date: 30pcs in two weeks after receipt of 10% deposit...