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  1. To (This may/I wish to help) improve people's technique in using electronic products. 若是標題便用To開始。 若是演講時便要按句式加入主詞,This may ....只是一種可能,當你上文說明怎樣"提高技巧"後作總結。 另一種演講法是先說出...

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  2. There are two persons who having lunch now. =There are two persons  having lunch now.=Two persons over there are having lunch now.

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  3. 認真的/來說,我真的不能容忍她煩人/惹人討厭的行為。

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  4. I will now provide you with this attached file/document for your reference/information. attached file/document 就是「附件」的意思 reference/information 就是「提供參考」 或者 Attached below is a file/document for your reference/information.

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  5. 例1. My passport has been lost for many years, so I cannot provide it to you. 例2. My passport has been lost for many years, so it is not available to you.

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  6. “人生若只如初見”可以翻譯成“If Life Was Still as When We First Met” 不管如何 翻譯 個人覺得還是比不上中文的美。

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  7. ...是空氣調節器即空調。" 你的這個論點(英語"XXX"在中語的 翻譯 是"YYY") 是很危險的.因為很多英語的詞彙就算在一些使用英語...

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