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  1. ...last summer. 6.favorite-The teddy bear is my favorite doll,because it means so much to me. 7. instead -I like to go shopping instead of reading a novel.

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  2. instead 圖片參考: 釋義 同義字/反義字 KK: [ 圖片參考:

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  3. ...something more relax (like writing an email to your friend) let me know. 2006-07-09 01:26:59 補充: **** or instead you can say: "First and foremost" instead of "first of all".

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  4. It`s raining outside. So I stay home in stead of goning outside. I have to finish those document then go golf.I have to finish its instead of going golf

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  5. 1--He left us with out a word.--他一句話也沒說就離開了我們 2-- Instead of disturbing her, the news had a stranghly calming effect...

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  6. ...late for class. (只要 造句 的話單複數沒差吧) He initially wanted to order pizza, but he ordered sushi instead . I was completely startled by the news when I heard about hurricane Katrina.

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  7. ...available in the form of cake mixes. 大部分的蛋糕是 用 蛋糕粉製成的。 Make easy cookies with the...packet of cake mix and turning it into cookies instead of a cake. 蛋糕粉不只可用於蛋糕,也可以跟孩子一起輕鬆...

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  8. 44. instead of 代替 I went jogging instead of swimming this morning. 45. to give up放棄 Don...哥哥很像. 40. 我的學校和你的學校不一樣. 41. 經理決定 用 Helen取代他. 42. 在工作前我必須處理很多檔案. 43...

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  9. ... follow the crowd and you will know where the free beers are. 15. Instead of complaining about your life maybe you should do something about it...

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  10. ... will go或I would go,而是 I might go因為 用 might來表示有可能而己。 下面兩句的中文解釋為何? 可以... only I had gone to the party instead of staying at home. 要是我當時去參加了派對,而...

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