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  1. 報價單 就是 Quotation 裡面的內容大致有 your company name, address, phone his/her company name, address, phone Product name, quantity, (item no), price Supplement note, authorized signature payment term

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  2. ... (或 offer ); 20060703表示 :2006 七月三日報價 CT: 為客戶 英文 代號 如此很方便辨識 , 文件為 報價單 , 同時也知道實際報價日期及報價對象- 客戶為誰! 一般來說: 報價廠商 為方便...

  3. 商用英語對依客戶特殊規格、需求訂購訂單有專用語: Made-to- order(=custom- made),made to order/custom made 也可。 adj. 1. made in accordance with a customer s specifications or requirements 2. produced to supply a special or an...

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  4. ...的地方你沒有寫錯~ 是寫對方公司或機構又或是學校的名稱. 主要是要寫你這封 報價單 是要給那一個單位的名稱. 這封信有個地方要注意, 就是"字". 不知道...

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  5. 報價單 的 英文 是quotation 這字就是 報價單 估價單的意思

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  6. ...幣別, 本來就是報價者本身的重要課題, 要下功夫, 而非一昧把風險推給客戶. 另. 報價單 上要SHOW: rate= 1: 28.9 嗎? 註明匯率只是供參考而已, 廠商應要對報價...

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  7. 1. All charges are included in our rates quoted, no extra/additional charges to be charged. 2. The quoted rates is an all in rates, no side charges to be charged.

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  8. Terms of payment: 30 days EOM 10 月結30天 10日前付款

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  9. ...為一個月。 The offer is valid for one month from the purchase date. ⊙ 報價單 簽名回傳後方開始備料。 The material preparation will be proceeded ...

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  10. quotation 可說是報價或是估價單! 若你是要請對方報價,但又不想只用quotation enquire/enquiry; inquire/inquiry都是詢問的意思! 有時寫inquiry/enquiry也可清楚了解! ex: we’d like to request you to quote to us. Would you please offer the price list as referrence? We are writing in...

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