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  1. 勇氣 Courageous .2011 ◎譯  名  勇氣 ◎片  名...直接塞進觀眾的腦子裏。 2013-08-26 22:19:32 補充: 勇氣 之名 / Courageous 2013-08-26 22:22:16 補充: 福音影片推薦《珍愛生命...

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  2. 你獨自在沙漠中旅遊, 勇氣 真是可嘉! It s very courageous of you to go traveling in a desert alone. 他真有 勇氣 ,攀上了這巨石的頂端。 He is so courageous that he climbed to the top of this huge rock.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年11月21日

  3. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 凡事要有 勇氣 嘗試 Be courageous to try out everything. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 強調衣服創意的設計...

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  4. ...courage to make changes throughout life. For example, an entrepreneur must be courageous to undertake a venture to open new business opportunities and a pregnant woman...

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  5. 句子翻譯的方法很多,請參考: (1) 勇氣 來自我的母親Mycourage comes from my mother.Iam courageous because of my mother.Mymom gives me courage (and strength...

  6. I have always been courageous to face all the problems on my own and I always will. 這句中文會變成: 我一直都是獨自勇敢的面對所有問題,未來也會是如此。

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2013年01月08日

  7. Table is a countable noun, and money is an uncountable noun.We lived in the country for more than ten years.It was courageous of her to challenge the managing director s decision.

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  8. The Love is a growth at unique the flower of the precipice edge, wanting to pick it has to be courageous .---William Shakespeare

  9. 錯錯錯,全都錯!不是"甚少人..."而是: 要是你注意到"the"的使用的話,你就會翻成: 那個人會有...的 勇氣 是罕見的.

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  10. 你們不斷否定我做的一切 我怎麼有 勇氣 去愛 ?我需要支持 需要 勇氣 需要愛... As you guys keep discouraging all the efforts I make, how would I be courageous to love? I need back-ups, push-ons, and concerns! 2013...

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