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  1. ...lousy 中間一般:average; modest; fair; regular; basic C. WAGE 高 (好): decent; great; high; big; good; huge; large; huge; top...14 補充: 同意lionEnglish大師所說。母語不是 英文 的學習者,不少人會誤以為「會文法」,就等於「會...

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  2. twocultural icons are waging a courtroom battle over a fruit 兩位文化偶像正為了一顆水果(Apple)在打官司...

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  3. The hourly wage will be NTD 500 if there are less than eight students in the... the things mentioned above can you get your last wage . 離職之最後一次薪資請親自與主任當面核對工作時數,並與新任職之老師辦妥...

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  4. 薪水: salary, wage , pay, payroll, compensation, remuneration 收入: income, revenue, receipts, earnings, proceeds, takings, gainings, 一般人常講的: salary, income, pay, wage

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  5. 本句話A:i don’t see my wage lasting long可簡化為I think my wage could...你的句子來說,是這樣: A:i don’t see my wage lasting long. B: Neither do I...

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  6. 您好: 薪水的 英文 是 wage 或salary 領薪水的動詞是draw,所以領薪水可說 Drawing salary或者是drawing wage 希望有幫助到妳!

  7. high unemployment= low wages Too many people for a job= lower wages -------------------------------------=inferior wages .

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  8. 如:經濟類 city production都市生產 (per capita人均的、按人計算的). 財金類 share of taxes to total revenue(%). 稅金的部份歸在總收入 Wages of employees in budget(%). 員工薪資在預算上。->編列員工薪資的預算

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  9. "經營模擬分析下探討教育訓練與提高薪資對公司利潤的影響" ↓ "Deal in simulation analyze, down, discuss education and training and raise the wages Impact on company's profit "

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  10. ... Tirith and the Black Gates as Sauron wages his last war against Middle-Earth. 參考二: Synopsis...

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