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  1. price level:就是物價水準 比如說你的勞工一個月領30000元( wage =30000) 但是問題是外面的物價都是每樣商品一百元 我們就會說他的實質購買力,或稱為實質工資real wage =30000/100=300 代表他可以在物價水準price level=100之下 購買到300件商品的 意思

  2. Industrial discontent (on wages ), need parties union to merger to solve the problems.

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  3. ...參考: However, this requires development of ameans other than wages to distribute wealth and to provide both a living incomeand a fulfilling...

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  4. twocultural icons are waging a courtroom battle over a fruit 兩位文化偶像正為了一顆水果(Apple)在打官司...

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  5. but they would pay their wages 但是他們還是會支付員工薪資 would是will的過去式, 但would在這表示 "還是會" 或 "願意" 的 意思 , 是比較"肯定"的用法

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  6. apple-cheeked是臉頰紅潤的 意思 . 全句的 意思 大概是指: ......也不是一些小夥子,一般學校新生都是一些報名選讀的受薪階級.

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  7. ...][B] 1. 作為標記(或標誌)的;象徵性的; 意思意思 的;充場面的 a token woman on the board of directors...裝點門面的;僅一點點的 We received a token wage . 我們只拿一點點工資。 vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb) 1. 表示...

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  8. The word around the office [that there was a freeze on all wage ] increases. 辨公室內,工資凍結的謠言愈來愈多 that there was a freeze on all wage  = The word

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  9. ... that slopes upwards. A raise is an increase in your wages or salary. (美式英語用法) 在做名詞用時,兩字的意義不同. 依照Collins...

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  10. ...是精準的計算 3.) Most of us recoil in disgust at the suggestion that wages should reflect nothing more than the cold calculus of supply and demand. 薪資只不過是(勞力...

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