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  1. salesman n. (名詞 noun)[C] 1. (男)推銷員,外務員 Four salesmen were showing people suits and sweaters. 四個推銷員在給人們展示套裝和毛衣。 2. 男店員,男售貨員

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  2. ...究竟值不值得。 2007-02-26 15:38:02 補充: 推銷員之死 Death of a Salesman 作者:亞瑟.米勒 譯者:英若誠 出版社:書林出版有限公司 出版日期:2006 年 01 月 01 日 語言別:繁體 中文 頁數:320 定價:300元

  3. As far as salesman being concerned it is my duty to serve the customers...successful business must be based on the co-operations between customer and salesman . Yip

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  4. ...保險業務員 The job that I really want to do is to be an insurance salesman . 因為我的母親也是一位保險業務員 Because my mother is...

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  5. A.B : 朋友 friends C : 店員 salesman A:終於到百貨公司了 We have finally arrive to the mall B...

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  6. 理財專員 Manage finance the specialist 證券商業務員 Stock business salesman 信託業業務人員 Trust the industry business personnel 理財規劃人員 Manage finance to program the personnel 證券高級業務員 The deluxe salesman of the stock

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  7. 我未來想做跑業務的,雖然會很累,但可以賺很多錢 翻譯如下: I want to be a salesman as my career in the future. Although working as a salesman is tiring, I am able to earn a lot of money. 希望能幫到你 =)

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  8. ...professional school, I worked in KuangNan Wholesale as a salesman for two months. I quitted the job because of going to college...

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  9. 售貨員跟我說那些上衣已經暫時賣完要到兩週後才會再有

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  10. ...地址: 北市延平南路189號五樓 譯者 : 姚克 ISBN: 9576320852 death of a salesman 的中譯本絕版 也許買不到 只能向圖書館借 不過我記得書林好像有亞瑟米勒劇作...