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  1. please 應該是動詞,而 pretty 應是修飾 please 的副詞 我個人認為, pretty please 應該是說”非常拜託”,”極力請求”的 意思 。 不知道這樣有沒有正確回答您的問題呢??

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  2. Pretty Woman, walking down the street, Pretty Woman, the kind...believe you, you re not the truth, No one could look as good as you Mercy Pretty Woman, won t you pardon me, Pretty Woman...

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  3., but it was not our intention, some curly hair is VERY PRETTY and we hope we can get this edited out. 不知怎麼的那已被登載 / 男生們...

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  4. ... too. Please see 2009-05-04 17:31:28 補充: Sorry typo: I think that what 瑛姑蘅蕪量 stated as "出爾反爾" is a pretty good description too.

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  5. saw what nobody could see You found me So here we are And that s pretty far When you think of where we ve been No going back I m fading out All...

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  6. ...來,給你。 thanks a lot 多謝 no problem. 沒問題。 Hi. there ! how's going? 你好,愉快嗎 pretty good . thank much do you charge for three scoops of ice cream? 非常棒。多謝你。三球冰淇淋賣多少錢? it...

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  7. 親愛的美麗姐姐, 我不太確定你的電子信箱住址。請回函確認我是否寫對了你的信箱住址。 誠摯的問候

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  8. Megyn is a cute name and has no meaning. But I bet Megyn Kelly is prettier than you are... Please see the link.

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  9. ... here. 請問這句如何翻譯? 考量Sheila是新人,她在這裡的見學進度是相當令人滿意的。 7. Please file these invoices _______ Payment Pending. (A)under (B)over (C)on (D)inside 這題答案為A,請問為何是A?Payment Pending是什麼 意思 ? 把這些新的發票都建檔在貨款未收的名目之下。 payment pending = 付款未定 under = 在...之下 8.We...

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  10. it once for all for the usage of 5 companies. This is pretty much what i understand , hope it's helpful.

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