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  1. ...and means that you like looking at that sight. 中文 解說: 意為你當時雙眼疲憊,但某事或某人讓你眼睛為...-------------eye-sore ( eyesore ): Ugly, hard on the eyes.(1) 看上去不順眼...

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  2. ... own risk~ 看不慣的網友,請多多包含~ If somehow I become an eyesore to you, learn to take a joke~ 不要沒品的批評別人的回答~ Being mean and picky...

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  3. ... largest copper mine. This industrial eyesore , nestled in the mountains of Papua...geographical and political risks. 好像文章是從英文維基翻成 中文 的,並且文章修剪成缺乏連貫性。

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