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  1. ...給我司,謝謝。" Base on this shipment, we hope that you could provide the appointed Forwarder contact details so it will help us in the advance preparation for the delivery...

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  2. ...cost, we are unable to control it in case we agree to use the shipping forwarder you appointed . Therefore, our shipping forwarder will contact with you again...

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  3. 1. 根據我們公司對於首次交易客戶,付款條件為10%頭款訂金, 餘額在交運及收到交運單據後付清. 請確認接受並回覆 2. 如同你電話所說, 請知悉此訂單在貨物進入我們指定的運送業者倉庫後, 將為CFS貿易條件. 且費用為ANCO負擔並從貨款中剔除. 請知悉並回覆確認.

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