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  1. in danger. We should all remember that tragedies happen in one minute if you didn't think carefully. So it is important for everyone not to drive drunk. Everyone should remeber this.

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  2. ...3 INTO THERE FELL 妳越是惹人憐愛 越是讓人感到混亂( SO DIZZY ) FEEL 如斯難受 甚至忘記呼吸 沈沒至醒不過來的夢裡 吶...

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  3. That’s why I waited My heart keeps going spark spark My heart that looks at you keeps sparking Please do something about me It’s so good, what do I do? 韓語無能,但有找到英語翻譯 有些句子可以直接丟翻譯網 但有些會翻很怪 不過看英語也大概可以知道 意思

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  4. ...它令我很享受到了除了安靜的品味它之外,完全不想要做其它的事情。 以上的 中文 ,是我看了英文之後,再用 中文 加以潤飾, 希望對您有點幫助。

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  5. are (I wonder just who you are) And honey, to say the least, you're a doggone beast So stay on the ground girl, you better not get too high There's no other place in this world...

  6. ... drunk, thought it all was a dream Shawty喝醉了 雖然一切都只是個夢境 So I made her say I, I 所以我要她說 我 我 2009-06-23 22:33:18 補充: ...

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  7. ... drinking the blue and green papaya mound sparerib since childhood each time. So just there is stature of so proud people now 2 . Natural tonic.. Skin maintenance, the youth stays forever. . 3 . Can maintain...

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