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  1. ... the proceeds to its creditors. A chapter 11 filing is usually an attempt to stay in business while a bankruptcy court supervises the "reorganization" of the company's contractual...

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  2. ...a result, the once-powerful financial giant Lehman Brothers has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with a court in New York. Certainly there are enough...

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  3. ...它能倖存。 這個過程的關鍵是那些債權人必須最後贊成改組計畫。 一公司在 11 章花費的時間取決于很多事情鄰接 它帶讓債權人同意一個改編的計畫。

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  4. ... Communities Corp. went out of business as per its Chapter 11 liquidation filing under bankruptcy . Atlantic Gulf Communities Corp. operates...

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  5. powerhouse, filed for bankruptcy . People are ...23:35 補充: Kev, they filed for chapter 9. Chapter 9, ... to Chapter 11 , enacted for ...

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  1. file chapter 11 bankruptcy 相關