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  1. grandson : grandma,how do you got such a long scar on your leg? grandma:um......there is an accident occur the assistance that came from nurses and doctors,I started to accept the scar grandson :Wow! doctors and nurses are formidable .no only for saving patient life but helping...

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  2. Had the day, grandfather and the grandson had an idea suddenly: We go to the photo studio...two human of five senses grandfathers and the grandson has waited for a long time.They ...

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  3. Your second grandson could be born in December. あなたの第2 孫は12 月に耐えることができる <沒有把握它是正確的,因為日文句子和中文說法不同>

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  4. ..., but also presented a red envelope. Daughter back to the grandson , chicken legs presented by Waijia with, or old coins...

  5. ...的誰的誰的誰的誰怎樣, 也可以用好幾句話來解釋. 譯為 英文 時也是一樣可直接串起來說, 也可用好幾句來說: John...classmate has an aunt whose freind has a grandson . The said grandson went hiking...

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  6. ...姪孫grandnephew 姪孫女grandniece 姪媳婦nephew s wife 孫女婿granddaughter s husband 孫媳婦 grandson s wife 曾孫great- grandson

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  7. 嬸母;伯母;舅母;姑母;姨母    aunt祖父  paternal grandfather祖母  paternal grandmother孫子  grandson 孫女  granddaughter舅舅  maternal uncle叔叔  uncle大伯  elder uncle姑姑  aunt阿姨  maternal aunt

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  8. ...cousin 堂姊: cousin 堂妹: cousin 孫子: grandson 孫女: granddaughter 曾孫: grandson 曾孫女: grandson 連襟: the husbands of sisters 妯娌: wives of brothers ; sister-in-law 英文 稱謂很多都很簡單而且一樣喔:))

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  9. the movie Lin Chientung to meet the grandson natrium which performed in the song-and-dance troupe... dismiss from mind to ten year ago recollection, but the grandson natrium looked like completely erases had...

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  10. ... great grandfather,great grandfather, grandfather, father and self, self and son, son and grandson , 自子孫 至玄曾 乃九族 人之倫 from son and grandson , on to great...

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